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Financial Considerations

One of the most frequent questions we receive is: how much does birthing out of the hospital cost? Financial considerations are definitely valid and deserve to be addressed up front, and the good news is that your midwives are in network with most major insurances, which has been a great benefit for many of our clients.

Treasure Valley Midwives values transparency, which is why we offer a complementary check of your benefits including an estimate of your services before you initiate care so you are able to plan financially for your birth.

We are a group practice that is currently accepting Medicaid clients and we have contracted providers for Pacific Source, Cigna, TriCare Standard, Aetna, as well as others. Additionally, we are in-network for Blue Cross of Idaho, United Healthcare, Bright Path, and St. Luke’s Health Partners, which includes Mountain Health Co-Op, Providence, Regence (PPO/Traditional), and SelectHealth* (Commercial & MA). This is for our professional fees.  Some payers have national contracts that supersede the network for certain provider types.  There are specific plans that may be offered by the Payers listed above that our providers and/or our facility are not in-network with. You may contact your payer directly to make sure that our providers and/or our facility are in-network with your specific plan.  Use of our facility is billed separately, and some payers that we may be in network with for your professional fees might not be in network for our facility.  If your plan is not listed or you have questions regarding your specific plan, you can also contact us at

Clients that do not have insurance can also enjoy affordable services with your Treasure Valley Midwives, and we will provide you with estimates for all professional services, labwork, ultrasounds, and wellness services before your care begins.

Payment Considerations

  • Payment for the Global Maternity Care, Homebirth Fee or Facility Fee and Newborn Care are expected to be paid in full by 32 weeks of pregnancy. Other charges are expected at the time of service.
  • We will provide you with a worksheet showing your estimated out-of-pocket expenses with a breakdown of payment options meeting our 32 week payment requirement.

General Information About Health Insurance

  • Treasure Valley Midwives currently contracted with Medicaid and other insurance companies (see above).
  • There is almost always some level of coverage for our care as part of your out-of-network maternity benefits.
  • We will bill your insurance for your newborn care, newborn must be added to your policy according to the contract time allowance that you have with your insurance carrier.
  • Insurance plans typically have a deductible and coinsurance that the client is responsible for paying.
  • Your insurance plan determines the amount that the insurance company will pay for your care. Sometimes the amount that your insurance plan is willing to pay (the ‘allowable amount’) is less than the amount that is billed for your care.
  • The State of Idaho does not license freestanding birth centers. Insurance plans will often not cover the facility fee for unlicensed facilities. Insurance plans also will typically not reimburse the homebirth fee.
  • Your estimated out-of-pocket expense is based on Global Maternity charges, your deductible, your coinsurance, the Facility Fee or Homebirth Fee.

For example: You are choosing a birth center birth and have an insurance plan that has a $500 deductible and then pays 70% after the deductible has been met. Your coinsurance is 30% (actual contracted allowed amounts will vary by insurance provider)

  • If Global Maternity charge was $3000. You pay the deductible of $500 leaving a difference of $2500.
  • You are responsible for 30% of the difference or $750.
  • Your estimated out-of-pocket expense for your insurance plan is $1250 (deductible of $500 + coinsurance of $750).
  • If your insurance company does not cover the facility/Home Birth fee, then you are responsible for that Fee.  Your total estimated out-of-pocket expense would be $1250 plus the facility or Home Birth fee.
  • Your insurance plans allowable amount for our fees may be less than what we charge. You will be balance billed for any unpaid portions of your care ONLY if you are out of network.

If you have insurance and decide to use it, please remember that your insurance coverage is an agreement between you and the insurance company. We will not be able to answer questions about expenses associated with your insurance plan.

Other Information

  • You will be provided with a fee schedule with the most common charges. The front desk staff is available to answer any financial you questions you may have.
  • All clients are required to complete a Financial Agreement, a Payment Plan and a Mileage Worksheet if applicable. Worksheets will be provided in order to determine your out-of-pocket expenses and a payment plan that works for you.

This information is an example and is not meant to capture all costs or agreements associated with your care. The front desk staff is available to answer any financial questions at any point before, after or during your care. Refer to the actual Financial Agreement for complete information. You may also contact us via email at for any financial questions you may have.

What exactly does my care include?

Global Maternity Care refers to routine maternity care including prenatal care, delivery and routine postpartum care.

Homebirth Fee refers to attendance at your home birth by the traveling midwifery team.

Facility Fee refers to admission and care provided at the birth center birth.

Other Charges

Labwork, ultrasound, newborn care, primary care, any referred services, non-routine lactation care, prescribed medications, vitamins and herbs are not included in Global Maternity Care, Homebirth Fee or Facility Fee. These items are charged separately, and will generally go towards your deductible and coinsurance, unless otherwise specified.

Newborn Care

All Newborn Care can be billed to your insurance, and is generally covered as Well Baby visits if your infant is added to your policy within the specified time. Your infant will be considered in the care of Treasure Valley Midwives for the first 28 days. Treasure Valley Midwives will refer your infant to the primary care provider of your choice after the first 4 weeks of life, or before for any procedures or services that we do not provide (i.e. circumcision, vaccinations, etc).

At-a-distance Clients

Our local area is within 30 miles of the birth center. Clients who live beyond 30 miles will be charged a mileage fee for homebirth and home visits. We will use a mileage worksheet to determine the mileage fee.